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You must be REALLY bored to be reading this! B-)
Any way, I am Alfred "Speedy" Mercer. I got the handle "Speedy" by being born 9 months and 2 days after my parents were married. The fact that I have been riding/racing motorcycles since the age of 9 and racing cars since I was 15 didn't hurt either! These days racing is just a fond memory. These days, my motorcycle riding is more like a spirited romp through the woods with my wife on the back.

BTW, I don't answer to Alfred, please call me Speedy.

My time is distributed between my wife, my greyhounds, my work, and my toys. My wife of 20+ years is Terri Sowell Mercer. (Yes, that IS her racing the Turbo-Pinto!)
Terri Sowell Mercer   Turbo Pinto

Thank God I found a wife who likes bikes, race cars and Rock `N Roll and lets me play with my toys!

Phredd was my 25lb (mostly) Burmese cat. He ruled the roost!
My cat and Pat Bronson
The geek^H^H^Huy holding Phredd is Gramps, Phredd's favorite chew-toy and an old friend. We did have a Pot-Belly-Pig name was "Willie" (Terri collects Pigs) but he developed an attitude problem and we had to give him away. B-(

We now have 2 retired Racing Greyhounds, "Time Out Snow" and "Kiowa Wanda Led"

My day gig these days is as a Computer Geek. I mainly write programs and applications using Progress Wespeed, HTML, JavaScript and the Progress 4GL language for Character and GUI applications. I have also worked as the EDI guru for a major company doing business with Wal-Mart, K-Mart and many major Sports Related retailers. As EDI Guru, I handled ALL aspects of the EDI world from mapping to translation using Progress 4GL and Sterling Gentran. I have done everything from PC hardware and network wiring to NT and UNIX network administration as well as written and maintained programs in several different languages. Before I discovered computers back in the late early 80's, I was a mechanic! My Resume is HERE if you are interested...

My night gig is as a Blues/Funk/Rock drummer! I have been playing drums for over 30 years now and have had the honor and privilege to play with several known and respected artists. I have even turned down the opportunity to tour with some of them because my job and family come first. Music is my passion and my release but not my living. Maybe when I retire...

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