After years of owning cats, we decided to adopt a Greyhound. It wasn't long after we got Snow we adapted our second, Wanda, and we haven't looked back. These sleek, elegant animals are some of the most loving, laid-back dogs you could ever want! Granted, Wand and Snow are like night and day... Snow is just happy to be there and loves everyone in his very mellow sort of way. Wanda, on the other hand, is more in your face. She is more like: " HI!" "How are ya?" "Wanna Play?" We got Wanda pretty much right off the track. Snow had been retired a year or so I believe.

"Time Out Snow" and "Kiowa Wanda Led"

We adopted our dogs from Alane of Greyhound Pets of America in Springfield, MO. Let me tell you, the adoption process is thorough! I was VERY impressed with the thought and care that goes into placing these animals in proper homes.

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