Speedy Mercer

My good ol' Ludwigs

Playing percussion at the Eureka Springs Blues Fest with Jennifer B. and the Groove Kings

My Taye kit, Congas, Roto-Toms and PA system in my practice room

(My Alter-Ego, Hero Hog)

NAME: Speedy Mercer

AKA: Dr. Speed, Hero Hog, "That Fat, Balding, Bearded Drummer Dude"


  • Taye Studio Maple Fusion set
    Snare: 14x4
    Toms: 10x8, 12x9.5, 14x11, 16x16 Ludwig Floor Tom
    Bass: 20x18
    Cymbals: 10" B8Pro Sabian Splash (New), 14" Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hats (?), 16" Zildjian "A" Med-Thin Crash (70's), 18" Zildjian "K" Crash (Late 40's), 20" Zildjian "A" Ping Ride (80's), Zildjian K-Custom 20" Flat-Top Ride.
  • Congas: 11" and 12" Meinl Headliner
  • Doumbek: Remo Key-Tunable
  • Roto-Toms: 6",8" and 10" sizes
  • Assorted Percussion "Toys":
    Afruche/Cabassa, Assorted Tambourines, Egg Shakers, Cow Bells, Jam Blocks etc.

BRANDS: Zildjian Cymbals, Pro-Mark (wood) and Easton "Ahead" (Alloy) Sticks, Taye Drums, Evans Heads,  Roc-N-Sok Throne, Taye Bass pedal and Hi-Hat stand, Gibraltar Rack and Cymbal Booms.

BACKGROUND: "I Started playing the drums in 1969 after a visit to my cousin Stan's who, at the time, played in a Funk/Rock band just outside of Bossier, LA. Stan and I warted the hell outta my father pretty good that weekend and talked him into going in on a drum set for me. I got an old set of "Whitehall" drums from a pawn shop and started working on my chops. I soon moved up to a custom set of Gretsch drums and a spot in a garage band With "Jumpin' Jack" Jeff LeBlanc and Carl "Mad-Dog" Stelly. From there I dropped out of the music scene for quite a while until I met a fellow computer geek that had a interest in music. Michael had this GREAT music room, complete with guitars, bass, keyboards and a set of Simmons Electronic drums. I was immediately hooked again. I soon bought an old set of Scott's and started "working out the kinks" in the local clubs that had "Blues Jam" nights. Soon I hooked up with John Simoneaux and later became the house drummer at a couple of clubs as well as subbing with John's band. Later, Myself, John and a local bass player (Ryan Munsey) who also played at the Jams and subbed with John in "Blue Monday and the Howard Shaft Horns, formed "Monday's Child" and I moved up to a Ludwig kit (my wife Terri bought it for me!) and finally up to the new Taye Studio Maple Fusion kit I play now.. Since then, I have played with a wide variety of people and bands, some "Famous" and some soon to be!."

MY BIGGEST COMPLEMENT: "...you lay down this FAT Groove... you sound like a Black Man back there on the drums."
David Deaton 10/14/98

My Music Resume

Here is a quick list of SOME of the songs I have played in my past bands

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