John Simoneaux
Formerly Monday's Chile'

John Simoneaux (Guitar/Vocals), Ryan Munsey (Bass) and Speedy Mercer (Drums) play original electric blues in the style of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Chris Duarte and cover works by these and many more of the classic blues/rock legends.

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John Simoneaux Ryan Munsey Speedy Mercer
John Simoneaux Ryan Munsey Speedy Mercer

It all started in Baton Rouge with a 15-year-old kid who had grown bored with garage bands and snuck into a local bar to hear a "Blues Jam." The kid was blown away by the raw yet pure sounds of Tabby Thomas and the Junk Yard Angels that night. On that night and many others to follow, the kid listened and learned from the likes of Rayful Neal, Kenny Neal, Chris Thomas, Henry Cray and Tab Benoit. When asked to play, this 15-year-old kid got up and immediately grabbed the attention of south Louisiana's Blues elite.

That 15-year-old kid was John Simoneaux and 15 years later he is still turning heads all across Louisiana. Playing in a style that combines Chris Duarte, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix, John plays everything from traditional blues to all out "burn your Strat on stage" rock and roll. John sings like Koko Taylor with balls. His whiskey voice makes you FEEL the blues. John holds his own with the Heavyweights of blues playing out on the edge yet right in the pocket. Blending the experimental with the traditional is what John Simoneaux is all about.

In May of 1996, John began hosting a "Blues Jam" at The Sundown Tavern in Ruston, LA where he met Ryan Munsey (bass) and Speedy Mercer (drums). Ryan and Speedy sat in on these jams regularly and soon found that when they got together and played, something just clicked and that old intensity returned to the music. As the three played together more and more it became apparent that they belonged together as a group and Monday's Child was formed.

In April of 1997, John became bored again. John was playing guitar and singing for Blue Monday and the Howard Shaft Horns (a band he founded in 1991). Over the years the band's music had changed and become more funk/dance oriented and John decided to leave rather than completely change the band he founded. John longed to play in a band that had that raw and pure sound he had heard in Tabby's blues 15 years ago. Following his heart, John quit a highly successful band to strike out on his own and founded John Simoneaux and Monday's Child.

It wasn't long before the whole town was buzzing about these guys who play the blues like they MEAN it, with scorching hot guitar, a bass line that has to be heard to believed, a beat that you just have to tap your feet to and vocals that will rip your heart right out of your chest. So when you hear that John Simoneaux and Monday's Child is playing near you, go see them . . . and bring a helmet because they hit hard and don't let up!

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