John Simoneaux

One happy camper

Everybody's crazy about
a sharp dressed man

NAME: John Simoneaux

AKA: Boots, Scratch, Godwanna

INSTRUMENT: Lead Guitar/Vocals

BRAND(S): G&L legacy, Robin Stratacaster, Fender Stratacaster, 64 Black-face Super Reverb, Chandler Tube Driver, Maestro EchoPlex

BACKGROUND: John has been playing guitar for 16 years and teaching guitar for 5. He also has a degree in guitar from Louisiana Tech University. His main influences are Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters and Chris Duarte.   Tabby's Blues Box in Baton Rouge is where John learned to sing. After playing for a few years, the owner encouraged me to try singing. "Tabby said 'Just go out there and feel it.'" I was asked back as a singer as well as guitar player and basically started my musical career there."

Having fun on Halloween

John’s Last Gig

They were all there . . . the Cops and the musicians, the Computer Geeks and the Mechanics, the Teenagers and the Geriatrics . . . All with one purpose in mind . . . to see the man who had taken center stage. With guitar pick in hand, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, his favorite blue jeans and his Converse tennis shoes he waited, impish smirk on his face, for the crowd to settle down. It was noisy in the big room. Seating for more than a hundred left standing room only . . . no less, for people were left standing in the halls outside. The place was alive with talk and laughter . . . stories being told of the man, his antics, his love of his friends, family and his music. As the event began, a hush fell over the room as one-by-one people approached the front of the audience and spoke. They spoke of kindness, love and inspiration . . . of humor generosity and giving for this was John Simoneaux’s final gig . . . his wake.

God Bless
Speedy "Dr. Speed" Mercer

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