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Hello!  I am Terri Mercer and this is my Web page.


During the week, I am a Nanny for a local professional couple.  I have been a Child Care Provider for all of my adult life helping to raise some 16 children... one at a time.  This is one of the most rewarding things in my life as I am unable to bear children of my own and I have so much love to give.


I have been collecting pigs for the past 11 years and at one time had a real Pot-Bellied Pig.  We quit counting how many pigs I had in my collection when it topped 300 several years ago.

My Stuffed Pigs
This is some of my stuffed pigs and a paper-mache pig as well.

My Office
This is MY room (although I share it with my 2 Greyhounds) where I do all my bill paying.

More of my office
Here are some more of the smaller pigs


When I was 1st married, I couldn't boil water, now I enjoy cooking for my family as well as others and actually get PAID to do so!  Not bad for "self taught" huh? If that sounds cocky, I don't mean for it to... it's just that I get a kick out of doing what I enjoy doing (trying new recipe's and "messing" with old ones) and having others enjoy it too.  When we 1st moved to the Ruston, LA area, my husband was a freshman at Louisiana Tech University.  Almost every other day he was bringing one or more of his classmates over and I wound up feeding them. Before you knew it, it became a weekly thing to meet at the Mercer house for cards and dinner.  We have pretty much kept this up ever since then, always having friends over to eat and watch X-Files or whatever.


On most weekends, I can be found in one (or more) of the local clubs listening to Speedy's band and being the band's "groupie." :-)


Before I collected pigs, I raced in the SCCA with my husband.

Click here to see our Racing page
Here I am at a race in downtown Shreveport in our old Turbo-Pinto.


Believe it or not, I own and shoot a 44 magnum Ruger revolver... a Stainless Steel Super RedHawk (with a Lepold scope). I would like to enter competition but we have yet to find the time.  I practice with Speedy (my husband) and help with the reloading of my ammo too. Although I have had good luck with 9mm automatic pistols, I prefer to shoot the big revolvers.

Ruger Super BlackhawkRuger Super RedHawk

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