You must be REALLY bored to be reading this! B-) 
Any way, I am Alfred "Speedy" Mercer. I got the handle "Speedy" by being born 9 months and 2 days after my parents were married. The fact that I have been riding/racing motorcycles since the age of 9 and racing cars since I was 15 didn't hurt either! These days racing is just a fond memory. These days, my motorcycle riding is more like a spirited romp through the woods with my wife on the back.

BTW, I don't answer to Alfred, please call me Speedy.

 My time is distributed between my wife, my greyhounds, my work, and my toys. My wife of 20+ years is Terri Sowell Mercer. (Yes, that IS her racing the Turbo-Pinto!) 

Terri Sowell Mercer   Turbo Pinto

Thank God I found a wife who likes bikes, race cars and Rock `N Roll and lets me play with my toys!

Phredd was my 25lb (mostly) Burmese cat. He ruled the roost!
My cat and Pat Bronson
The geek^H^H^Huy holding Phredd is Gramps, Phredd's favorite chew-toy and an old friend. We did have a Pot-Belly-Pig name was "Willie" (Terri collects Pigs) but he developed an attitude problem and we had to give him away. B-(

We had 2 retired Racing Greyhounds, "Time Out Snow" and "Kiowa Wanda Led"

My day gig was as a Computer Geek. I mainly wrote programs and applications using Progress Wespeed, HTML, JavaScript and the Progress 4GL language for Character and GUI applications. I have also worked as the EDI guru for a major company doing business with Wal-Mart, K-Mart and many major Sports Related retailers. As EDI Guru, I handled ALL aspects of the EDI world from mapping to translation using Progress 4GL and Sterling Gentran. I have done everything from PC hardware and network wiring to NT and UNIX network administration as well as written and maintained programs in several different languages. Before I discovered computers back in the late early 80's, I was a mechanic! My Resume is HERE if you are interested...

My night gig was as a Blues/Funk/Rock drummer! I have been playing drums for over 30 years now and have had the honor and privilege to play with several known and respected artists. I have even turned down the opportunity to tour with some of them because my job and family come first.