I decided to pick back up participating in the SETI@Home project. If you didn't know, SETI stands for the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. A program runs in the background of your computer using "spare" cycles to process data that it downloads and sends back once it is done. It can be configured to only work when you aren't using your PC up to running all the time or anything in-between.

I have it running on both my laptops and I joined the Louisiana Team. Check it out; it can be configured to be VERY unobtrusive and you won't even know it's there while you are contributing to the research. There are other projects that you can contribute to as well! You even get nifty certificates for your efforts.





YEARS ago, back when I was younger and road my motorcycle everywhere, I was involved with a motorcycle club of sorts... the DoD. Well, after a long time away, they have resurfaced! The DoD started out as a UsenetNews group and is now on FaceBook! Check them out!



14 years ago I lost a good friend, John Simoneaux, who was also my guitar player for a good many years. Every year we hold a Memorial Jam in his honor in Ruston, LA at the Sundown Tavern and Ponchatoula's next door. This time of year is especially hard on me because, a few years after John's death, my dad died the exact same day! Want to get real freaked out? My mom dies the week before back when I was 13. All those major deaths within a week of each other...

On to the lighter side! Ever year at this time I get to see old friends and be a part of something great and to listen to some great music! We entertain almost a thousand people and feed most of them too. The inner circle of people who work to put this on are some great folks. They volunteer massive amounts of their time each year and donate the use of their expensive equipment and skills. Without them, this event would not take place.

Again Taylor has donated a fantastic Electric guitar to be raffled off at $5 a chance!
Taylor SB1-SP

For more information call Ken at (318) 278-3705. You do NOT have to be present to win.

Rest In Peace Dad Mom and John...

We moved! ...all the way about 6 houses down from where we were! :) A house owned by my brother-in-law became available and he called us and asked if we wanted to rent it. It was larger than the house we were currently in and nicer too so we took it!

I am gimpy already so I am slightly less than useless when it comes to helping with moving other than as a "consultant" if ya know what I mean. Because of this, we were depending on friends and whoever we could hire to help on short notice as we had a month to get this all together and get it done. Me and my family and friends are getting up there in age so finding healthy, strong and available help was pretty tough! Thank God my high school friend Steve came over from Texas to help and several of Terri's cousins and aunt's along with our young Air Force friends from LOCAL who were the stars of the show and true life savers!

Terri has worked her tail off and gotten the house all set up in very short order! I have been hanging and fixing things little at a time as I can but it has been hard as I injured my left knee when I slipped on the back steps and hyper extended my left knee and twisted the heck out of it in the fall.

During all this a good friend lost his love of 15 years to the Flu! She wasn't real healthy to begin with and the flu just overwhelmed her lungs and she suffocated there at home in their bed. I was Skyping with him as the paramedics were trying to revive her till after she coded... That was tough for me and hell for him. I hope I helped a little. RIP Tena.

We are pretty much settled in now and enjoying the new place. Our cat, Blue, has adapted VERY well and seems quite happy in the new place.We still need to finish up in the "office" and organize the garage but the rest of the house is pretty much in order. Life is getting back to normal and the knee is doing MUCH better so I am going to close on that high note.