As my life changes, so does my web page. Much will change here over time. It will be slow as I am slow these days. Much of what was here is still here so any saved URL's should still work. The things least used, I have removed. If there is something you need put back or would like a copy of, please let me know!

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You must be REALLY bored to be reading this! B-) 
Any way, I am Alfred "Speedy" Mercer. I got the handle "Speedy" by being born 9 months and 2 days after my parents were married. The fact that I have been riding/racing motorcycles since the age of 9 and racing cars since I was 15 didn't hurt either! These days racing is just a fond memory. These days, my motorcycle riding is more like a spirited romp through the woods with my wife on the back.

BTW, I don't answer to Alfred, please call me Speedy.