33 years ago, September 14th at 7:30pm, I met a girl on a blind date my friend Steve Graham had set up. I had been out of the Navy a short while and was going through a divorce after spending a lifetime in hell for a year. Marriage was the LAST thing on my mind. A short year to the minute later, we were married.

It has been a wild ride and a lot of fun (mostly) along the way. We started out dirt poor and worked way up to a nice, comfortable life then the wheels came off for a bit. We are back up to where we are doing OK but it has been a long, hard fight. The good thing is, we still are as much in love as we ever have been and lean on each other when times are rough and are there to celebrate with each other when times are good.

Terri Sowell Mercer, thank you for being my friend, my love, my wife. I couldn't have made it this far without you and can't imagine life without you. 



My close friend and bass player, Ryan Munsey, lost his dad yesterday. Below is Ryan's post from Facebook about this:

By Ryan Munsey

Yesterday the finest man I have known passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. He was my teacher, my mentor, my hero, and most of all my Father. He knew how to mold young boys and girl into men and women of the upmost character.

He was a Scoutmaster, both Boy Scout and Girl Scout, who made a real difference to countless youths. He was a bard who spun inspired tales that took his listeners to fantastic places. He was a teacher who broke down wall and showed his students they "could". He was a loving and devoted husband of 42 years. He was a friend, yet a strict father when needed. He was my Capt. Mal, my William Adama, my James T. Kirk, my Baden Powell . I can only hope to give my daughter the foundation for life that he built for me. I know he watches over me, my mother, and my family. I will miss him with every fiber of my being, every second of the rest of my travels.

I love you Dad, alway have, always will!

Rest in Peace Don. You will be missed by many. 



Welcome folks!

The long promised updates are here! About time huh? I know, I know... I have been busy with other projects (lazy) and my stuff is always the last to get attention I guess.

I actually have been pretty busy. What with the wife's 2 business adventures, Terri's Treasures and 2 Peas In A Pod, besides her full-time job caring for the elderly, well, I have all I can handle! I still get out and do my thing with the Louisiana Open Carry Awareness League (I'm their VP and the local chapter's President as well) and that pretty much fills my dance card.

Monday nights will still usually find me at Lee's Liquid Assets Monday Night Blues Jam Jamming with Jerry Beach, Ted Lindsay, the Don Brothers and my cousins Stanton and John Hoffman. Even though 3 or 4 songs absolutely wear me out, I still love music and playing the drums.

Well, that's enough for now. It's 3am and I should be asleep. Until next time!