My wife and I have had our paid ($2.99 a month each) for several years each now. Quite frankly, Terri never needed the paid account and I rarely, if at all needed it. That aside, because Terri seldom used her account, she forgot her password. Because it was set up so long ago, she couldn't remember what email address she used either. No problem right? Just contact Skype "support", THAT is where the problems began!

We first searched their "support site" to find how to get help. We found the proper link and filled out the form and submitted it. That directed us to fill out the exact same form! This loop went on for 5 iterations! We finally got a different response that stated "we are only able to change personal data in cases where we are able to verify the account user's identity. Unfortunately, due to lack of information required, we will not be able to help you to access the account." The problem is that we DID provide all the requested data except the forgotten password and email address!

In summary, if you happen to forget those two pieces of info, you are screwed and their "support" for you is less than useless! We can't even delete her account or close it or remove her name from their system!

We will not be using Skype anymore as there are several Free and BETTER applications available to us such as Facebook, Google+, Tox, Slack, Viber, WeChat and ICQ.

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As a retired Senior Programmer/Analyst with many years in the computer service/internet industry I can comfortably say that Skype has shown the absolute WORST level of support/customer service that I have ever encountered. They obviously don't read the support request forms and use machines and canned responses instead of making ANY effort to help their PAYING customers.