I am a programmer.
I think logically.
There are no shades of gray in my world, only black and white.
If I ask you a yes or no question, I expect a yes or no answer.
You do not solve a problem having multiple facets in one step.
Programs are written to work on individual parts of a problem one at a time and have a logical flow.
ANY problem that can be programmed, using current technology, WILL be based on yes/no decisions.
ANY issue can be further sub-divided down to get to a yes/no level or it can not be resolved.
If I am not given adequate parameters to get to a yes or no level, I can not solve your problem.
When I have inadequate data, I will ask for more until I can solve the problem I am working on.
Any data that does not directly apply to the current yes/no question is irrelevant and only clouds the issue.
Speedy Mercer 2005

I work with the Internet, Progress WebSpeed, Progress 4GL, Progress Databases creating and maintaining various programs. I also am converting a TON of programs from ASP and to WebSpeed!

My biggest project to date was the construction of a secure B2B site from scratch using WebSpeed for a major manufacturing company. This site allowed the companies Sales Reps, Dealers, Vendors and internal users to view Orders, Invoices, Shipping status, sales information and even place orders. I have also written a Juvenile tracking database/program that is still in use by several police departments in Louisiana.

In addition to writing programs, I have been an EDI manager. I used Sterling Commerce Gentran in dealing with such companies as Wal-Mart, K-Mart and several Major Sports related retailers. I handled ALL aspects of the EDI process from mapping to translating data and the daily management of the EDI process. The back end of the EDI process was written in Progress 4GL. is my home on the web and is hosted by Omnis. I use the site to promote myself and my friends as well as to keep up-to-date on my webmastering skills (when I have the time!). A quick tour of the site will show my rather eclectic interests as well as some of the projects that I have been involved in throughout the years. I am no graphic artist but can find my way around a graphic editor and do what I need using MS . PhotoDraw, Fireworks, PaintShop etc. This site was created using HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS and SSI.

As far as my hardware skills go, I can build and maintain computers from the ground up. At one time, I made pretty good money building, configuring and installing computer systems and networks for several law firms in North Louisiana during my college days. I was in on the ground floor of bringing the Internet to the Louisiana Tech University college of Engineering. I ran cable and fiber, configured servers, routers and workstations and assisted the staff and students as needed.

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