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My Anime List

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Anime and Web Comix Libraries

Anime Cruzers
Anime Network
Anime Place
KissManga - Read manga online
KissManga & KissAnime Forums
Manga Here
Pinoy Anime TV
Soul Anime
Streamup - Live Video Channels
Watch Anime Stream
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NSFW Web Comix

Cliche Flambe
Fowl Language Comics
In Here
Ménage à 3
Now Something Fairly Wrong
Out There
Questionable Content
You Suck
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Web Comix

21st Century Fox
Alice Grove
Ava's Demon
Baby Blues
Bear Nuts
Between Failures
Blaster Nation
Camp Weedonwantcha
Candi - A College Story
Carry On
Cat Nine
ChaosLife -
Chronicles of Conroy Cat -
Chuckle-A-Duck -
Corpse Run Comics -
Cross Time Cafe
Cyanide and Happiness
d e a d . w i n t e r
Dangerously Chloe
Destroy History
Devil's Panties
Doodle for Food
Dork Tower
Dumbing of Age - A college webcomic by David Willis
Dumm Comics
FindChaos -
Flaky Pastry - Home
Geebas on Parade
girls with slingshots
Go Get a Roomie!
Grrl Power - A webcomic about superheroines
Gunnerkrigg Court
Head Trip
Invisible Bread - A webcomic that you'll enjoy if you like comics about things and stuff!
Johnny Optimism
Kevin & Kell
Lars, The Awkward Yeti
Lunarbaboon on WebToons
Maximumble - Comics for your brain machine
Modest Medusa
Monster Pop! by Maya Kern
Mother Goose & Grimm
Nemu & Nemu
Nicole and Derek, by Terrence and Isabel Marks
Octopus Pie
Omake Theater
On the Fastrack By Bill Holbrook
Politically Correct Cartoons
Q2Q Comics
Safe Havens
Sandra and Woo
Sarah's Scribbles
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Scary Go Round
Sequential Art
Simon's Cat
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Star Trip
Sufficiently Remarkable
The Book of Biff
The Whiteboard
Three Panel Soul
Tina's Groove
Trying Human
Tubey Toons
Uh-oh, it’s a Dinosaur
Wapsi Square
Web Comics
Zz My Comics Page
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Anime Types/Descriptions

Action Plays out mainly through a clash of physical forces.
Adventure Exploring new places, environments or situations.
Bishojo beautiful girls
Bishonen pretty guys with girlish beauty.
Cars Anime whose central theme revolves around cars and probably car races.
Chevaliers second highest level of chiropterans in strength and ability.
Chiropteran a mammal of the order Chiroptera ; a bat (vampire).
Comedy Multiple characters and/or events causing hilarious results.
Dementia Anime that have mind-twisting plots.
Demons Set in a world where demons & dark creatures play a significant role.
Drama show life or characters through conflict and emotions.
Ecchi that contain a lot of sexual innuendo. The letter 'H' = pervert.
Expertise sports, arts, cooking, etc.
Fantasy set in a mythical world quite different from modern-day Earth.
Game central theme is based on non-sports game or computer/video games.
Harem involves one lead male character and many cute/pretty females.
Hentai sexually explicit
Historical setting in the past. Frequently historical tales, sagas or facts.
Horror Anime whose focus is to scare the audience.
Inumimi means "dog-ears".
Josei by women for an audience of adult and young adult women.
Kemonomimi literally meaning "animal ears".
Kids Anime whose target audience is children.
Kodomomuke directed at children.
Lolicon sexualization of underaged female
Magic Anime whose central theme revolves around magic.
Magical Girlfriend one man and a inhuman GF. alien or supernatural
Maho Shojo magical girl stories
Maho Shonen magical boy stories
Martial Arts Anime whose central theme revolves around martial arts.
Mecha Anime whose central theme involves mechanical things.
Military An anime series/movie that has a heavy militaristic feel behind it.
Moe affection towards characters in anime, manga/perky, cute, weak, or naive.
Music central theme revolves around singers/idols or playing instruments.
Mystery characters reveal secrets that may lead a solution for great mystery.
Nekomimi means "cat-ears" in english.
ONA original net animation.
Otoko no oko "male daughter" or otoko no musume, "men who cross-dress".
OVA/OAV original animated video.
Parody imitate other stories (TV, film, books, history) for comic effect.
Police Anime where a police organization are a major part of the story.
Post-Apocalyptic post apocalyptic world
Psychological Often when two or more characters prey each others' minds.
Reverse Harem female character with lots of men
Robot/Mecha robots machines (gundam)
Romance story is about two people who each want to win or keep love of other.
Samurai main character(s) are samurai, the old warrior cast of medieval Japan.
School Anime which are mainly set in a school environment.
Sci-Fi setting is based on the technology and tools of a scientific world.
Seinen marketed to adolescent boys and men 15-24.
Sentai fighting teams
Shonen ai gay without sex scenes
Shotacon young underaged male engaged in a sexual act, "Shotaru Complex".
Shoujo for Young girls, sometimes about male homosexual love.
Shoujo Ai central theme is about a relationship between two girls or women.
Shounen Young male audience < 16.
Shounen Ai theme is about a relationship between two boys or men.
Slice of Life Anime with no clear central plot.
Space setting is in outer space, not on another planet, sub-genre of scifi.
Sports revolves around sports, examples are tennis, boxing and basketball.
Super Power character(s) have powers beyond normal humans.
Supernatural paranormal stature. Demons, vampires, ghosts, undead, etc.
Thriller an exciting, suspenseful play or story, especially a mystery story.
Tsundere person who is initially cold/hostile before showing warm side.
Vampire vampires or at least vampires play a significant role in the story.
Yangire normal people who suddenly become violent.
Yandere a character who is crazy about someone else literally and violently.
Yaoi relationship between two boys or men. This implies Hentai.
Yuri sexual relationship between two girls or women. This implies Hentai.
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