The Lightnin' Bugs


The Lightnin' Bugs are a six-piece dance band from Shreveport, Louisiana. The wide variety of their music makes classification hard, but they've been called "Louisiana World Beat," and that seems to fit. Their music draws on influences of reggae, salsa, blues, second-line and Cajun. The Bugs play originals and covers, although the covers are often played non-traditionally. This and their unique horn section consisting of a violin and trombone make them an unforgettable band.

The six performers that comprise the Lightnin' Bugs come from varied backgrounds. Tim Brogan, violinist and vocalist, has toured the country extensively since settling in Louisiana. From the Midwest, Tim has been a regular performer with Bill Bush Combo, Kenny Bill Stinson and Rue-de-Lac. The Bugs' trombonist, Dunny Gillyard, is a veteran of rhythm and blues having played with Freddie King, Etta James, Big Joe Turner and Jimmy Reed. Michael Rasbury, keyboards, percussionist and vocalist, is a composer who writes music for theaters around the country. He also performs with Lash Larue, Monty Russell and Howard Shaft. Vocalist and guitarist Charlie Bush has done much solo work, as well as fronting the bands Psycho-Billies and The Sugar Kings. The band's drummer is Randy Guynes. Randy is one of Louisiana's most versatile drummers and has played with Dorothy Prime, The Killer Bees, Raymond Blakes and Michael Grady. Bruce Gay, bassist and vocalist, has played with bands across Texas and Louisiana including The Zillionaires, Kenny Bill Stinson and Dorothy Prime.

Some of the artists covered by the Bugs are: The Meters, David Lindley, War, Hank Williams and Randy Newman. The Lightnin' Bugs have years of experience and a solid following playing clubs, parties and festivals in Louisiana.

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