The DoD SuperFAQ(TM)

Version 4.5

The rec.motorcycle FAQ and a collection of postings on several related subjects.
Originally compiled, collected and collated by Dr. Speed, DoD #8177, with the help of all of the users and abusers of

Submissions and updates WELCOME!

 2. DoD Facebook Page
 3. WitDoDFAQ version 10.1.1 - "What is the DoD?"
 4. Request DoD Membership List
 5. Rec.Motorcycles FAQas posted on by Ravi Narayan
 6. The Tool-List FAQ
 7. Yellow Pages
 8. The "OIL" FAQ
 9. ASCII bike list
10. The Aluminum Cleaning FAQ
11. Fuel Formulas
12. Top 10 Reasons Harley Riders Don't Wave
13. Helmet Laws
14. HTKYMAARFALLT "How To Keep Your Motorcycle Alive And Running For A Long Long Time"
15. Findings from the Hurt Study
16. Short Bike List
17. Hand Signals
18. WitDoD?
19. The Chronicles of Mistybutt
20. The Llama Incident
21. The Legend of the Spagthorpe
22. The Buzzard Story
23. Build a Rectifier
24. Squid Purity Test

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